For Kids’ Sake Seminar – Snohomish County

This blog will provide you with information about the For Kids’ Sake Seminar.

Who needs to take the For Kids’ Sake Seminar?

A parent who has a family law action with the court that involves a minor child, including divorce actions, legal separations, major modifications of a parenting plan, and paternity actions.

If your case has a parenting plan, there is a strong likelihood you will need to complete the seminar.

Why do I have to take the For Kids’ Sake Seminar?

It is required by court rules. In Snohomish County, local court rule 94.04 Family Law Proceedings discusses this required seminar.

When do I need to take this seminar?

You should complete this seminar within 60 days after service of a petition or initiating motion on the responding party. Make sure this seminar is completed before you finalize/conclude your family law case.

Consequences for not completing the seminar?

A parent who fails to complete the parenting seminar, shall be precluded from confirming the case
for trial or presenting any final order affecting the parenting/residential plan, and may be precluded from seeking affirmative relief in this or subsequent proceedings in this file, until the parenting seminar has been successfully completed. Refusal or delay by either parent may constitute contempt of court and result in sanctions imposed by the court, or may result in the imposition of monetary terms, default and/or striking of pleadings.

After I take the seminar, what do I do?

The seminar will provide you with a certification of completion/attendance. Make sure this certification is filed with the court.

Where can I get information about the seminar?

How long is the seminar?

The seminar is approximately four (4) hours long.

How do I schedule/register to take the seminar?

You must register through the mail. For available dates, times, and locations, refer to the link provided above.

What is the seminar about?

To help parents understand how children are affected by changing and hostile family situations.

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